Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mantis Radio 106 with Casual Violence

This passing week, the very awesome Mantis Radio was kind enough to invite me to record an exclusive mix to feature on the show. I wont write too much on the subject here as Mike DVNT (from Mantis), who not only runs and presents the show, but also runs the equally awesome Darkfloor, has a much better way with words than myself.

Read, download, stream etc here >>>  Mantis Radio 06

Casual Violence - Nothing is Written - Mantis Radio
01 | Casual Violence | Nothing Is Written | Maieutics
02 | Giorgio Gigli & Obtane | Patterns Of Behaviour | Zooloft
03 | Lapse | Sound 6 | Unreleased
04 | Haus Arafna | Hingabe | Galakthorro
05 | Sandwell District | Grey Cut Out | Sandwell District
06 | Svreca | SS09 [Yuji Kondo + Katsunori Sawa/Steven Porter Remix] | Semantica
07 | Subjected | Untitled | Vault Series [Vault 08]
08 | Cub | C U 1 [UST Remix] | Cub
09 | Orphx | Compulsion | Hands
10 | Alva Noto | Uni Acronym | Raster Noton 
11 | Regis | Blinding Horses | Blackest Ever Black
12 | Cio D'Or | Organza [Milton Bradley Remix] | Prologue
13 | Imaginary Forces | Old Rituals | Unreleased
14 | Cio D'Or | Magnetfluss [Milton Bradley Remix] | Prologue
15 | Casual Violence | Cardinal | Unreleased
16 | Casual Violence | Thought And Language | Unreleased
17 | Delusions | Untitled [Svreca Remix] | Ballistic
18 | Regis | White Stains | Downwards
19 | Regis | Purification | Downwards
20 | Raidho | Reodan | Rune
21 | Whitehouse | Why You Never Became A Dancer | Very Friendly 
22 | Destroy Aliens | Untitled | Destroy Aliens
23 | Sandwell District | Svar | Sandwell District
24 | Sigha | Drown | Hotflush
25 | Jeff Pietro | Still | Borrowed Language 
26 | Allan Nonamaka | Without Control | Fervent 
27 | Planetary Assault Systems | Call From The East | Ostgut Ton
28 | Jeff Mills | The Industry Of Dreams | Axis
29 | Milton Bradley | Escaped From The Dark | Zooloft
30 | Siege | Aftermath Contrast | Unreleased
31 | Orphx | Preta Loka | Sonic Groove 
32 | Emptyset | Aleph | Caravan Recordings

Monday, 9 April 2012

- ORPHX LIVE (Sonic Groove - Hands, CA)

- CASUAL VIOLENCE (Maieutics - Singularity - Rodz Konez, UK)

- ROB HATCHELL (Discipline, IRL)

- DISSOLVEMENT (Duracell, Social Disturbance, NL


- FACE DOWN (La Fondation Sonore, BE / FR)

- VJ XAVIER FALTOT (La Chambre à Air, FR)

Strike harder

and shred the ground.

Violent merciless sounds

to corrupt the establishment,

and withdraw into a fierce primitive state.

Bruxelles CONGRES

Boulevard Pacheco, 38

1000 Bruxelles

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fondation Sonore #5 with Orphx and Casual Violence

06/04/2012 La Fondation Sonore 5, Belgium

ORPHX LIVE (Sonic Groove - Hands, CA)
CASUAL VIOLENCE (Singularity - Rodz Konez, UK)
ROB HATCHELL (Discipline, IRE)
DISSOLVEMENT (Duracell, Social Disturbance, NL
FACE DOWN (La Fondation Sonore, BE / FR)
VJ XAVIER FALTOT (La Chambre à Air, FR)

Facebook event page

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Casual Violence - Archive one

I have now compiled a selection of 23 Casual Violence tracks and remixes into one easily purchasable archive.

The price of the archive is £10 for 23 tracks, and it is available in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC and other high quality digital formats.

Buy it here >>>> Casual Violence - Archive one

Thursday, 29 December 2011

FuturePast New Year's Eve 2011

This New Year's Eve Im very excited to be playing the (all important) midnight slot down at Future-Past in Leeds, UK, alongside my favorite sparring partner and long time friend Siege

More info here - Future-Past NYE Party

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Various Artist - It's All For You - Sect Records

Available now on Sect Records, "V/A - It's All For You" 2xCD featuring two Casual Violence tracks ("Word And Form" and "Acceptance Of The Fact At Hand")

Available here > Its All For You

  • CD1
    • Sect Intro 1
    • Ben Gibson – Clamour
    • Jeroen Search – Section A
    • D Knox – Dknox @ Dj Bomi
    • Voidloss – In The Void Is Virtue And No Evil
    • Jolka – Two (Going Up)
    • D Knox – On My Way (J&T Re-Edit)
    • Jolka – Life Is Changing
    • D Knox – I’m Sorry Remix
  • CD2
    • Sect Intro 2
    • AnD – Granular
    • Och – Tears
    • Casual Violence – Acceptance Of The Fact At Hand
    • Victor Martinez – Dav To Dub
    • Fanon Flowers – Invisible Life
    • Grovskopa – 56-04
    • Casual Violence – Word And Form (Version II)
    • Grovskopa – Atopic (Lag Remix)
    • Grovskopa – 69-02
    • Sect Outro 1

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Casual Violence - Ab intra - Geometrika FM / Scrapyard podcast 001

So Im back from this party for Geometrika FM and Scrapyard @ Specka in Madrid, and a great time was had. Just before I travelled over I was asked to record a new mix/podcast for Geometrika FM / Scrapyard in honour of the (then) forthcoming party. The mix contains a fair combination of techno, IDM, Industrial and rhythmic noise music. As ever, I do hope it finds you well >

01 | Orphx | Circuit IV (Consumption) | Hymen 
02 | Casual Violence | Untitled Intro | Unreleased 
03 | Nurse With Wound | I was No Longer His Dominant | Staalplaat 
04 | Huren | Assembly 6800 Core | Zhark 
05 | Huren | Liebes Cocktail | Zhark 
06 | Sonar | Before Or After | Daft Records 
07 | CUB | C U 1 | UST Remix | CUB 
08 | Regis | Blood Witness | Blackest Ever Black 
09 | Xhin | Teeth | Surgeon Remix | Stroboscopic Artefacts 
10 | Alva Noto | Uni Acronym | Raster-Noton 
11 | The Third Man | Deep Sleep Operative | Tabernacle 
12 | Robert Hood | Minus | Tresor 
13 | Pan Sonic | Teurastamo | Blast First 
14 | Derlich | 23 | Unreleased 
15 | Vromb | Interference | Ant-Zen 
16 | Silent Servent | El Mar | Svreca Remix One | Semantica 
17 | Peter Van Hoesen | Into Entropy | Time To Express 
18 | Reeko | Omnicide | Mental Disorder 
19 | SP-X | Flux | Komisch 
20 | Developer | Space | Modularz 
21 | Casual Violence | Immobilising Echos | Subsist 
22 | Rich Oddie | Refraction | Surface 
23 | Developer | Programma | Modularz 
24 | Mike Parker | Copper Variations | Geophone 
25 | Allan Nonamaka | Ambitious Phantasy | Labrynth 
26 | Planetary Assault Systems | Human Like Us | Ostgut Ton 
27 | Vromb | Zentrum | Pflichtkauf 
28 | Orphx | Circuit I (Enclosure) | Hymen 
29 | Clarke | Radiation Clutch | Warp 
30 | Lapse | Traveller | Unreleased

Read more here
Download Casual Violence - Ab Intra here

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

25/11/2011 Casual Violence @ Club Specka, Madrid, with Geometrikafm & Scrapyard

Im next playing on the 25th November 2011@ the infamous Club Specka in Madrid for Geometrika FM and Scrapyard.

The line-up and timetable for the night is as follows:

23:00 - 00:00 - Desolance (ambient, drone, IDM set)

00:00 - 01:30 - Machine

01:30 - 02:30 - R/C live

02:30 - 04:30 - Casual Violence

04:30 - close - Razeed

Visuals on the night will be provided by Desolance, who just recently produced a rather beautiful video (below) for my 2008 track "Tear This From Me"
(the full EP is still available to download for free) 

Price on the night is 12 Euros (with 2 drinks) until 2:00

Find Specka here > Club Specka Madrid

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Casual Violence - Sepia Burn - Now available on Bandcamp

Casual Violence - Sepia Burn (released last month on Spanish techno label Ballistic) is now available in various high quality digital formats at the Casual Violence Bandcamp store

For those who may be unaware of Bandcamp - Bandcamp is a service that allows musicians and labels to sell music online, and for listeners to then buy direct from the artist and/or label (helping to support musicians and labels directly). This bypasses the sometimes high % of any payment that many shops and distributors take before anything (if anything) reaches the artist themselves. Therefore, If you buy from the Casual Violence Bandcamp then you buy direct from me.

Anyways... you can buy or listen here>>>

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Casual Violence - Iterative Method [Duality 004D]

A new three track EP, 'Casual Violence - Iterative Method', is out now on UK label Duality, and available to buy at Juno Download

(Design by Absara Visions)

Here's what Juno have to say about the release (whilst incorrectly stating that I'm from Leeds) -

Juno Review:
"This Leeds producer counts as one of the leading industrial techno acts, but Method isn't standard grungy nihilism. Instead, CV creates an atmospheric, evocative feeling throughout. "Idios Kosmos", with its spacious rhythms and foreboding bleeps unfolding over a brooding bass may sound at first spin menacing, but the cinematic chord sequence soon dissipates this mood. 
"400mg" is more typical of the Casual Violence sound, with dark, splintered beats providing the backdrop for a dense chain mail percussive cloak. Generally though, this EP is big on understatement, and this is most audible on the pulsing bass and deep, ghostly chords on "Of Many"."

Casual Violence - Idios Kosmos [Duality] (clip) by DUALITY
Casual Violence - 400mg [Duality] (clip) by DUALITY
Casual Violence - Of Many [Duality] (clip) by DUALITY

Buy it here > Casual Violence - Iterative Method 

Casual Violence - Dasein Is - anatomy 15 (mix and interview)

I have a new mix, 'Dasein Is', available over on 'smilecoldanatomy'.

Along with the mix there is an interview, with some musings from me regarding inspiration, music philosophy, my forthcoming album (and label), and other such things. If your interested in listening to the mix or reading the interview, then you can find both here > Casual Violence - Dasein Is

Track list:

01 Vromb - Premier Générateur - ant-zen
02 Derlich - Hoax - Singularity

03 Lapse - Blowback - Unreleased
04 Lapse - Kin - Unreleased
05 Orphx - Density Current - Sonic Groove
06 Orphx - Apparition - Sonic Groove

07 Svreca - Seda Muerta - Female Remix - Semantica
08 Heiko Laux - Hangin - Kanzleramt

09 Mike Parker - Ringing Bass - Prologue

10 Mike Parker - FWD - Donato Dozzy Remix - Prologue

11 Allan Nonamaka - Birth Is Suffering - Labrynth
12 Obtane - This Town Is A Rotten Morgue - Sonic Groove

13 Claudio PRC - Clear Depths - Obtane Remix - Prologue
14 Lucy - Triad - Stroboscopic Artefacts

15 Surgeon - First - Outline Mix - Tresor
16 Thurisaz - fram niwiht æt niwiht - Rune
17 Robert Pain - Black Queen Chapter VI - Black Queen
18 Casual Violence - Burn It All Down - Maieutics

19 Robert Pain - Scena III - Transporta
20 Mike Parker - Night Of 21 Hours - Geophone

21 Timothy Alexander - 12 - Diacope
22 Robert Pain - Black Queen Chapter III - Black Queen

23 Casual Violence - Objet petit a - Maieutics
24 Porter Ricks - Biokinetics 2 - Chain Reaction
25 Porter Ricks - Redundance 4 - Force Inc. Music Works
26 Orphx - La Nebuleuse - Huren Remix - Hands Productions

27 Orphx - La Nebuleuse - Hands Productions
28 Nuel - Untitled - Aquaplano ltd
29 Vromb - Interférence - Ant-Zen

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Maieutics 001 | Casual Violence | Ashes These: Release date

The release date for my forthcoming debut album "Ashes These" has now been set and announced. Here's the official word from Maieutics 

"We are pleased to inform that our first offering: Casual Violence's debut Album, "Ashes these", is now officially to be released in February 2012 on Maieutics.

The Album will be available primarily on a Limited Edition collectable CD (strictly 50 copies only), with each presented lovingly within an individually hand numbered and handcrafted sleeve.

Each owner of this highly limited physical artefact will also receive upon purchase, an instant digital download of the Album in his or her chosen format of Wav, Flac, or MP3 320. 

Additionally, within a fortnight of the physical release, the Album shall also be made available digitally for those of you with a less than tactile desire and nature."

For all official updates and news please feel free to keep an eye on Maieutics @

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Casual Violence - Sepia Burn (Ballistic 01)

A new 12" featuring "Casual Violence - Sepia Burn" is now available on Spanish label "Ballistic".

Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn - Ashes These - September releases.

It's been rather a quiet year for me so far on the release front I suppose. This, I guess is predominantly a direct consequence of almost complete creative focus and absorption in the process of writing my first Album, "Ashes Theses".  Nonetheless, although absorbed in this latter iterative process,  I have still of course, found the time recently to emerge for air  (and take the odd break from writing the album) so as to work on other music projects.

This forthcoming week I have a short stir of releases, with three Casual Violence tracks (and one remix) due to be available via three separate releases, via three separate formats (vinyl, CD, and digital).

First up:  September 16th 2011 - Featuring two tracks from myself, comes a 2xCD, Various Artist's compilation, "Its All For You" on Sect Records. If your interested in words and such then there's a nice review and a host of information on "Its All For You" that mentions one of my featured tracks in a rather favorable way here >>> electronic directory.

Next up:  September 19th 2011 - New Spanish label, "Ballistic" is set to release its first 12" record. A Various Artist EP simply entitled "Ballistic 01" that includes tracks from artist's: Delusions, Agony Forces, Deep's Edayar, and Casual Violence. Previews and info here >>> Ballistic 01.

Finally:  September 20th 2011 - Forthcoming on "Gynoid Audio", from UK techno/electro trouble causer, "Dead Sound" - "Your Move EP" features two original tracks from the man (Dead Sound) himself, alongside two reinterpretations of said originals. With Dead Sound's frequent partner in filth "Videohead" on remixing duties for the track "Wall To Wall", and a rework of the EP's title track "Your Move" coming from myself (Casual Violence). Previews and info >>> Dead Sound - Your Move.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Smear | Transect | Casual Violence Remix

Yet more Bandcamp related words today from me.

Im still slowly adding and archiving music over on my Bandcamp site. The most recent addition is a remix that I wrote a good few years back (2007) for the very charming and handsome Smear.
Im sure if your here reading my blog then your well aware of the aforementioned handsome chap in question, alongside underground agents of forward thinking wrongness "Forward Strategy Group".

The remix was never really intended for release, and was more so at the time an exercise in Smear and myself getting to know each other a little better I guess. I figured that it was about time it stopped festering away on my hard-drive, so (with the very kind blessing of Smear) here it is>>

Monday, 8 August 2011

Casual Violence - Why So Few EP

Possibly the most well known release and work to date from myself: "Briefly Sexual", from the EP "Why So Few" (originally released on the now sadly defunct Dutch label "Aftertaste Recordings"), is now available in digital form over on my Bandcamp page.

Friday, 5 August 2011

TrusT - Acceptance Launch party

There is to be a party on the 12th of August 2011, down in the "lovely" dank basement @ Beaverworks, Leeds, UK, to celebrate the launch of TrusT Recordings (simply awesome) debut release (check out the post below).

I will be playing alongside a very talented line up that includes no less than 8 artists featured on the album. > Voidloss | Casual Violence | Systemic | Extract | Siege | Blind Summit | Ben Woolard | Hostile.

Casual Violence - Form And Name - TrusT 001 - Acceptance

I have a new track available -(Casual Violence - Form And Name)- on the Free 27 track compilation "TrusT001 - Acceptance".

This massive compilation features tracks from; Black Smith Craft / Kazuya Kawakami / Sagae Kawakami / Inigo Kennedy / Casual Violence / SubSpace / Path Reference / Oliver Kucera / Solitude Suite / Blind Summit / Siege / Deadsound / Balatro / Hostile / Skirt / Sean Matters / Teemu Touminen / Voidloss / Dialect / Sceptical C / ExtraKt / Systemic / Tomohiko Sagae / Doktrin / Lapse / Kuniaki Tekenaga / Wulfweard.

Casual Violence - Form And Name by trust_recordings

Acceptance by trust_recordings

Download the full album for free (In your choice of Wav or mp3) here > TrusT 001 - Acceptance

Friday, 22 July 2011

Casual Violence back catalogue on Bandcamp

I'm presently in the midst of uploading and archiving the Casual Violence back catalogue (alongside a select of previously unreleased material) for streaming and/or purchasing direct from Bandcamp.

You can find the aforementioned archive here: > Casual Violence_Bandcamp 

For those of you less inclined to click on the link above, here's a brief sample of what can be found there for your listening displeasure.

Casual Violence – Matheme [Technopodcast 041]

My latest podcast is now up online.

When the guys at requested of me to put together, and record a podcast for them, I figured that from what I know of the series personally (as a listener/follower myself), that they have a pretty broad listening demographic (broad in an underground techno sense at least).
I wanted to somehow cater for this aspect in my own way when selecting tracks for, and
programming the mix in question, without of course compromising my own often charmingly
obstinate standpoint. With this in mind I decided on trying for some kind of instant and sustained impact that would allow me to build toward something a little more hypnotic and subtle toward the end. To put it simple, I wanted to gain the listeners trust before I could take the music and energy somewhere more self indulgent. Hopefully the track selection and programming reflects this within the mix.

So, enough words from me, here's the music. I do hope it finds you well. 

65 min. 320kbps. Recorded July 2011 for 

"A stark, dark and industrial set from the uncompromising English techno producer, Casual Violence. Currently in the studio working on his debut album ‘Ashes These’ to be released on his own forthcoming imprint, Maieutics. Also look out for his tracks forthcoming on SECT records in August, aswell as his next artist EP for Singularity."   Words by: Technopodcast

01 | Casual Violence | Ab Intra [edit] | Maieutics
02 | Haus Arafna | Agitation | Galakthorrö
03 | Tommy Four Seven | Armed 3 | CLR
04 | Deadbeat / Monolake | Random Brown [NE-555 Mix] | Cynoshure
05 | Sleeparchive | Ronan Point 4 | Tresor
06 | Cub | C U 1 [UST Remix] | Cub
07 | Vromb | Eclairs | Ant-Zen
08 | Dive | Power of Passion | Discordia
09 | Casual Violence | Purge | Maieutics
10 | Phylactery | Body Aware | Nous
11 | Voidloss | Tree of Wyrd | Singularity
12 | Smear | Agitator | Singularity
13 | Sleeparchive | ACD-Bleep | Sleeparchive
14 | Mørbeck | Untitled 1 | Vault Series 4.0
15 | Lucy | Falling Empire | Mote-Evolver
16 | Surgeon | Return | Tresor
17 | Lapse | Vapour | TrusT
18 | Orphx | Compulsion | Hands Productions
19 | Orphx | 1200 µRh | Hands Productions
20 | Lapse | Gathering | Duality

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy