Sunday, 2 October 2011

Maieutics 001 | Casual Violence | Ashes These: Release date

The release date for my forthcoming debut album "Ashes These" has now been set and announced. Here's the official word from Maieutics 

"We are pleased to inform that our first offering: Casual Violence's debut Album, "Ashes these", is now officially to be released in February 2012 on Maieutics.

The Album will be available primarily on a Limited Edition collectable CD (strictly 50 copies only), with each presented lovingly within an individually hand numbered and handcrafted sleeve.

Each owner of this highly limited physical artefact will also receive upon purchase, an instant digital download of the Album in his or her chosen format of Wav, Flac, or MP3 320. 

Additionally, within a fortnight of the physical release, the Album shall also be made available digitally for those of you with a less than tactile desire and nature."

For all official updates and news please feel free to keep an eye on Maieutics @