Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn - Ashes These - September releases.

It's been rather a quiet year for me so far on the release front I suppose. This, I guess is predominantly a direct consequence of almost complete creative focus and absorption in the process of writing my first Album, "Ashes Theses".  Nonetheless, although absorbed in this latter iterative process,  I have still of course, found the time recently to emerge for air  (and take the odd break from writing the album) so as to work on other music projects.

This forthcoming week I have a short stir of releases, with three Casual Violence tracks (and one remix) due to be available via three separate releases, via three separate formats (vinyl, CD, and digital).

First up:  September 16th 2011 - Featuring two tracks from myself, comes a 2xCD, Various Artist's compilation, "Its All For You" on Sect Records. If your interested in words and such then there's a nice review and a host of information on "Its All For You" that mentions one of my featured tracks in a rather favorable way here >>> electronic directory.

Next up:  September 19th 2011 - New Spanish label, "Ballistic" is set to release its first 12" record. A Various Artist EP simply entitled "Ballistic 01" that includes tracks from artist's: Delusions, Agony Forces, Deep's Edayar, and Casual Violence. Previews and info here >>> Ballistic 01.

Finally:  September 20th 2011 - Forthcoming on "Gynoid Audio", from UK techno/electro trouble causer, "Dead Sound" - "Your Move EP" features two original tracks from the man (Dead Sound) himself, alongside two reinterpretations of said originals. With Dead Sound's frequent partner in filth "Videohead" on remixing duties for the track "Wall To Wall", and a rework of the EP's title track "Your Move" coming from myself (Casual Violence). Previews and info >>> Dead Sound - Your Move.