Saturday, 22 October 2011

Casual Violence - Iterative Method [Duality 004D]

A new three track EP, 'Casual Violence - Iterative Method', is out now on UK label Duality, and available to buy at Juno Download

(Design by Absara Visions)

Here's what Juno have to say about the release (whilst incorrectly stating that I'm from Leeds) -

Juno Review:
"This Leeds producer counts as one of the leading industrial techno acts, but Method isn't standard grungy nihilism. Instead, CV creates an atmospheric, evocative feeling throughout. "Idios Kosmos", with its spacious rhythms and foreboding bleeps unfolding over a brooding bass may sound at first spin menacing, but the cinematic chord sequence soon dissipates this mood. 
"400mg" is more typical of the Casual Violence sound, with dark, splintered beats providing the backdrop for a dense chain mail percussive cloak. Generally though, this EP is big on understatement, and this is most audible on the pulsing bass and deep, ghostly chords on "Of Many"."

Casual Violence - Idios Kosmos [Duality] (clip) by DUALITY
Casual Violence - 400mg [Duality] (clip) by DUALITY
Casual Violence - Of Many [Duality] (clip) by DUALITY

Buy it here > Casual Violence - Iterative Method